The Farce that is Auckland Racing

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Re: The Farce that is Auckland Racing

Post by Conwell on Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:41 pm

I checked the nominations on Monday afternoon and noticed that The Faithful had actually been nominated for the C3+ 2700m standing start and Ideal Belle had been nominated for the C3-C6 2200m mobile pace, so it is actually Ideal Belle who has suffered the biggest change to plan this week.

Obviously this has still come about due to a lack of races to nominate C3+ horses for, which ends up much worse when there are few nominations to fill the small number of races on offer.

Given that the current ATC syndicates currently have 4 horses rated between C3 & C5 and a lack of race options it puts us in a highly likely situation that we will end up with multiple runners in the same race.  Neutral

This situation should improve with the better southern horses heading north for the feature racing at Alexandra Park in December, but I agree that it is very frustrating. Rolling Eyes


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Re: The Farce that is Auckland Racing

Post by barryf on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:13 pm

Yes, certainly frustrating Ray.  While the club continues to cater for  Australian interests the local horses will be targeted by the  brokers/ agents .  The reason why there is a $14999 limit is to allow horses which win such races to race at a low grading there.
I have thought for some time that the main race (apart from Premier meetings) should carry a stake of $20000 to $25000 to attract owners of the tighter assessed horses to race at Auckland.
If more horses were retained here in the C5-6 and faster classes then    there would be a larger group of horses to fill up the lesser classes, with C3-4 to race for say $15000.  Stakes could be trimmed from the lower grades which are generously treated.


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The Farce that is Auckland Racing

Post by ray the beancounter on Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:29 pm

The consequence of low numbers of horses racing in the north is becoming more and more apparent after seeing the fields that have been released today for racing at Alexandra Park on Friday evening.
The chances of racing your horse within its own grade are becoming a thing of the past and will only speed up the departure of more horses from New Zealand, for fairer racing opportunities in Australia.
Stir the Pot
If you have a horse that is graded as C3 or better and want to race against similar graded horses – tough!! Evil or Very Mad If you want to race your horse over 1700m – tough!! Evil or Very Mad If you want to race over 2200m – tough!! Evil or Very Mad If you want a mobile start – tough!! Evil or Very Mad
Stir the Pot
Due to the low number of horses being nominated to race and the critically low number of horses graded C3 or higher, you are not being given any options and if you want to race at all then you will race over 2700m, from a stand, from a handicapped mark, and against horses graded anywhere from C3 to Open Class. Rolling Eyes This seems to be the only option that the Auckland Racing manager has available to him and doesn’t bode well if he is trying to boost field sizes. If this strategy is continued then the trainers will not bother nominating their horses at all, as their horses have less chance of being competitive.

The Faithful was once again this week nominated for a 2200m mobile start race and for the second week in a row ends up in a 2700m handicap standing start race against much better graded horses – this week in a C3 to Open Class graded race. He is up against Ideal Belle and Besotted this week – what is that going to do for his confidence. If this nonsense continues then I can see the spelling paddock calling for him sooner than was originally intended. Bash Head
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Re: The Farce that is Auckland Racing

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