Is Lazarus the best horse that you have seen in NZ?

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Re: Is Lazarus the best horse that you have seen in NZ?

Post by geejay on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:45 am

Agree,phenominal performance by Lazarus,mark of a true champion.Not quite ready to say best horse seen in NZ out of respect for the other greats but if he carries on like this he could well convince me.
Future sire of choice for breeders,you could be right Ray,“He’s just such a well put together horse who I can only shake my head about sometimes" said Purdon some time ago.
May well follow in his fathers footsteps albeit huge boots to fill,Betters Delight story is just amazing .


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Is Lazarus the best horse that you have seen in NZ?

Post by ray the beancounter on Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:54 pm

Today at the Cup meeting was the expected All Stars Stable procession, but the win by Lazarus in the Cup race was the best race that I have seen by a pacer in NZ in a long long time. For a 4 year old to win by 10 lengths by phenomenal.
The way that he is going Lazarus could easily be the sire of choice for breeders in a few years time.
It may have been a day for the favourites in the major races with only modest dividends, but by tying these together into multi's still made the punting worthwhile.
ray the beancounter

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