Miracle Mile

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Miracle Mile

Post by geejay on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:11 pm

Great race and gotta take my hat of for Lenny The Shark , what a brilliant gutsy win,a truly great horse for sure,the sort of horse everyone would love to own a piece off.A real warrior !.
Owning a piece in any in that field would actually be great not the least any of the first 4 .Smolda just keeps on giving,Lazarus not disgraced,kept coming as did Waikiki Beach who seems to be back to his best or even getting better,maybe could say even overshadowed Lazarus slightly.
But can't take anything at all away from Lenny ,magnificent ! If only our Major Star who's beating of Lenny,at least once if not twice as a 2yr old had developed like this one we'd all be in heaven ! cheers


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